Thea Maria's Spanakopita


Maria Nicholas


Growing up in a Greek home, my mother Athena taught me how to cook authentic Greek dishes our family enjoyed. Her theory was that if I knew how to cook for a large family, I would have plenty of leftovers and I wouldn’t go hungry.

While away at college, I discovered eating out at local Greek restaurants in Pittsburgh, the spanakopitas were never as good as my mothers. I felt the need to show the locals what a true and authentic Greek spanakopita was supposed to taste like. I decided to use our family’s spanakopita recipe which was handed down through generations originating from Sparta, Greece, and start my business.

I began by dropping off samples at local restaurants in Pittsburgh. To my delight, it was an immediate hit! I began selling trays of spanakopita as weekend specials at local restaurants. I found great pride and joy in sharing my family’s recipe with so many people.

In 1998, I received my Maryland State Food Processing Plant License specializing in just one dish…Spanakopita. I expanded my business by selling regularly to Wagshal’s Delicatessen, Bradley’s Food & Beverage, numerous caterers, and private parties in Montgomery County.

Now in 2022, our direct website will allow customers to easily order online and receive freshly baked Spanakopita delivered directly to the customer.